We hereby declare that O.M.N. Officine Meccaniche Navali S.r.l. is an independent company. Any use by us of any engine manufacturers products brands is for descriptive purposes only.  Such use does not mean that parts so described originate from the engine manufacturer.  Should confirmation of origin be required, this will be provided separately.

Workshop & Service: total overhaul, maintenance, repairs

  • Engine: total overhaul, maintenance, repairs, performances control
  • Cylinder head: total maintenance, seat machining, valve grinding, portable tools
  • Cylinder Liner: honing, roughness and dimension report, machining of sealing surfaces
  • Piston: machining of grooves and sealing surfaces
  • Connecting rod: ovalness report and machining, surfaces and serration grinding
  • Cranskhaft:  straightness test (also on lathe till 6.5 mtrs), hardness test, metalloscopic test, deflections report
  • Engine block: line-boring of support, grinding of sealing surfaces, portable tools
  • Pumps: total overhaul, components particular machining, metallizing on wear surfaces
  • Coolers: cleaning, re-tubing
  • Turbocharger: total overhaul, balancing, cleaning, microblasting casings and rotors (non-abrasive)
  • Gearbox: total overhaul, shaft machining and manufacturing
  • Vibration dampers: sampling kits and analisys
  • Engine room: laser alignment (till 30mtrs) and chockfasting, line-boring, re-engining projects and installations